Therapy & Coaching

Integrative therapist & life and career coach, Lorna Lythgoe, walks along Portobello beach in Edinburgh while talking with someone

Integrative Therapy and Coaching

with Lorna Lythgoe


Hi, I’m Lorna.

I work with people in various areas of life, including career changes, life changes, relationships, neurodivergence, buiding confidence and self-regard, finding meaning and direction, stress, low mood, and loneliness.

I integrate a broad spectrum of psychotherapeutic approaches and blend these with positive psychology, coaching psychology and neuroscience.

I also draw from my training in sociology and anthropology to help clients consider their lives in their broader contexts and as parts of social and political systems.

I’ve helped clients with…

  • developing self-worth
  • facing change and loss
  • finding meaning and direction
  • career changes and entrepreneurship
  • family dynamics
  • childhood experiences and trauma
  • ADHD
  • addiction
  • anxiety
  • sadness and depression
  • stress and burnout 
  • relationships and sex
  • friendship problems and loneliness
  • LGBTQ+ experiences
  • long-covid/chronic fatigue
  • exploring existential questions
  • coping with university pressures

Clients have said…

Let’s Get Started

Book a video call to ask questions and get to know each other.

What’s involved?

It lasts 20 minutes or so and there’s no charge. We’ll talk about what’s going on for you and what you feel you need, and answer your questions about how we’d work together.

After that, you decide if you’d like to go ahead and arrange our first psychotherapy or coaching session.

Therapy and Coaching FAQs

What’s the difference?

There can be a lot of overlap, but it’s generally a question of focus and intention. In coaching, the emphasis is on gaining powerful self-insights to help you move forward and set change in motion.

Therapy (aka counselling) aims to help you process loss and trauma, develop better relational and emotional skills, and grow in confidence and self-regard so that you can live a fuller, freer life.

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I have been trained in pluralistic psychotherapy (aka counselling), applied positive psychology, and coaching.  

Pluralism is an integrative approach to therapy, which means I draw from the psychodynamic, humanistic, behavioural and somatic therapeutic orientations (e.g. person-centred therapy, CBT, systemic, transactional analysis (TA), existential, narrative, compassion-focused, solution-focused, and emotion-focused).

Please see for more information on different therapeutic approaches.

I blend these therapeutic approaches with coaching psychology and positive psychology. 

In coaching, the practitioner works with the client to raise self-awareness, reveal the choices the client has, and engender trust in the client’s own intuition.  The practitioner uses judgement-free listening/clarifying/questioning/feedback skills and activities to enable the client to make their own decisions and take effective action to reach their choice of outcome. 

Positive psychology is the study of what makes life most worth living through scientifically researching the thoughts, feelings, behaviours, relationships, experiences and contexts that contribute to human wellbeing and thriving.

Which do I need?

Let’s talk about it.  I draw from my expertise in both therapy and coaching with all clients, so we’ll decide at the start whether a more therapeutic or coaching-based approach – or a blend – would be most helpful.  We can adapt as our work together unfolds.

Have a look at this video from the School of Life to see how therapy and coaching can help you.

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Therapy and coaching are both spaces free from judgement where you can safely explore all aspects of yourself and the things you’re finding so difficult, as well as bring to life your hopes and aspirations. 

In therapy and coaching, you’re listened to, deeply, and you’re accepted with compassion and curiosity.  It’s where you learn how to do the same for yourself.

£60 per hour

Concessions for low-income clients

Tuesday to Friday

Meet weekly, every two weeks or flexibly

Online or Face-to-Face

Zoom or at Portobello Natural Health