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Feel better, with life and career coaching & therapy

Let’s make it a good life

Feeling stuck, restless, lost, low, anxious, isolated, overwhelmed…? 

It’s OK, I can help.

I’m an integrative psychotherapist and a life and career coach with specialised training in applied positive psychology.

I help people grow, heal, find direction and make changes that feel authentic and sustainable in life, work and relationships.

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Book a video call to ask questions and get to know each other.

What’s involved?

It lasts 20 minutes or so and there’s no charge. We’ll talk about what’s going on for you and what you feel you need, and answer your questions about how we’d work together.

After that, you decide if you’d like to go ahead and arrange our first psychotherapy or coaching session.

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About The Good Life School

I founded the Good Life School to support people through change and challenge and to help them develop the psychological and behavioural skills to live well. 

As well as one-to-one therapy and coaching, the Good Life School provides engaging psychoeducational workshops for communities and organisations.

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